Latest Anagrams

Anagrams by date listed

Valentine’s Day  = 1. Any valid teens?  2. A lady sin event
Box of Chocolates  =  Box of cool cheats
Easter  =  Set era
Easter egg  =  Segregate
Easter egg hunt  =  Thug teenagers
Easter bunny  =  Nearby tunes
Easter bonnet  =  Obese entrant
Easter Parade  =  Separated ear
Cadbury’s Creme Eggs  =  Crude gas begs mercy
Hot cross buns  =  Bush consorts
Simnel cakes  =  Meal sickens
Spring lambs  =  Bring psalms
Spring flowers  =  Frowns rip legs
Shrove Tuesday  =  The sad voyeurs
Ash Wednesday =  New day shades
Palm Sunday  =  Any mud slap
Maundy Thursday  =  A dry dusty human
Last Supper  =  Purest pals
Good Friday =  Diary of God
Gethsemane  =  The sage men
Crucifixion  =  I occur in fix
Resurrection  =   Risen, to recur
Easter Sunday  =  Unready asset
Holy week =  Whole key
Religious festival  =  It glorifies values
Yule log =  Ugly Leo
Poinsettia =  Is a tin poet
Ruldolph the red-nosed reindeer  =  Deplored, he is the odder runner
Mistletoe =  Most elite
Stocking =  King’s cot
Christmas Tree =  Merriest chats, Smart heretics
Santa Claus =  Casual ants
Presents  =  Serpents
Christmas Eve =  Vicar’s themes
Christmas Card =   Drastic Charm
Leonardo da Vinci =  1. I’d carve on an idol  2. Vindaloo and rice
Claude Monet, an impressionist =  Monsieur paints a scene, I’m told
Edouard Manet =  A nude art demo
Pierre Auguste Renoir =  I err (re-use rouge paint)
Piet Mondrian =  I paint modern
The Renaissance artist Raphael =  He’s a class painter in the art era
Conclave of the Cardinals =  Called – chosen for Vatican
White smoke from the Vatican chimney =  Fire votes with match – I choke many men
Two thousand and fourteen world cup in Brazil  =  Whiz and run output footballer scored and win
World Cup team  =  Talcum powder
Roy Hodgson England Manager  =  Haggard moron annoys legend
The FIFA World Cup held in Brazil  =  Unprized wisecrack of palatable filth
FIFA World Cup  =  Card if fowl up
Group stages  =  Sports gauge
The World Cup final  =  Chart now filled up
Afghanistan  =  A faint gnash
Algeria  =  Regalia
Andorra  =  No radar
Antigua and Barbuda  =  A giant and a rub-a-dub
Argentina  =  Neat grain
Armenia  =  Am I near?
Australia  =  Ultra Asia
Azerbaijan  =  A zanier jab
Bahamas  =  Am a bash
Bangladesh  =  Bag handles
Barbados  =  Bad boars
Belarus  =  Real bus
Belgium  =  Bug mile
Belize  =  I bezel
Bhutan  =   Ant hub
Bosnia and Herzegovina  =   Agonize bore and vanish
Botswana  =   Was no bat
Bulgaria  =   Big Laura
Burkina Faso  =     A fair UK snob
Cameroon  =   Romeo can
Cape Verde  =   Carve deep
China  =   Chain
Colombia  =   I mob coal
Costa Rica  =   A stoic car
Cote d’Ivoire  =   Voice editor
Denmark  =   Dark men
Dominican Republic  =   Nicer public domain
East Timor  =   Stem a riot
Ecuador  =   Do a cure
El Salvador  =   Sad overall
England  =   And Glen
Equatorial Guinea  =   Queue again tailor
Eritrea  =   Rare tie
Estonia  =   On a site
Finland  =   Finn lad
France  =   Can ref
Gabon  =   No bag
Germany   =   1. Gray men, 2. My anger, 3. Meg Ryan
Great Britain  =   Giant rarebit
Grenada  =   A garden
Guatemala  =   Maul a gate
Honduras  =   1. Sour hand, 2. Round ash
Hungary  =   Hug yarn
Iceland  =   Nice lad
India  =   Aid in
Indonesia  =   Idea on sin
Iran  =   Rain
Ireland  =   Real din
Israel  =   Serial
Italy  =   Laity
Jamaica  =   A CIA jam
Jordan  =   Darn Jo
Laos  =   Also
Lebanon  =   Neon lab
Liechtenstein  =   Lenient ethics
Lithuania  =   I hail tuna
Luxembourg  =   Mug box rule
Macedonia  =   A comedian
Madagascar  =   Mad car saga
Malawi  =   I am law
Malaysia  =   A yam ails
Maldives  =   Mad evils
Mali  =   Mail
Marshall Islands  =   Smallish lads ran
Mauritania  =   Aim at a ruin
Mexico  =   Ox mice
Micronesia  =   Icon armies
Monaco  =   No coma
Mongolia  =   In a gloom
Montenegro  =   Tenor gnome
Myanmar  =   Man army
Namibia  =   I am a bin
Nepal  =   Penal
Netherlands  =   Rent handles
New Zealand  =   Zen dawn ale
Nicaragua  =   Iguana car
Nigeria  =   Gain ire
North Korea  =   Rank hooter
Northern Ireland  =   Internal red horn
Norway  =   Or yawn
Oman  =   Moan
Pakistan  =   Ask paint
Palestine  =   Penalties
Panama  =   Am a pan
Peru  =   Pure
Poland  =   Old pan
Portugal  =   Polar gut
Romania  =   No Maria
Russia  =   USA sir?
Rwanda  =   And war
St Kitts and Nevis  =   Kindest TV saints
Saint Lucia  =   Is a lunatic
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  =   Re-inventing disenchanted Satan
San Marino  =   A Roman sin
Sao Tome and Principe  =   Disappoint or menace
Saudi Arabia  =   Aid bias aura
Scotland  =   Cold ants
Senegal  =   Sane gel
Serbia  =   Is bare
Seychelles  =   Sly leeches
Sierra Leone  =   Eerier loans
Singapore  =   Sip orange
Slovakia  =   OK saliva
Slovenia  =   I slave on
Somalia  =   I am also
South Africa  =   A fiasco hurt
South Korea  =   The sour oak
South Sudan  =   Us thousand
Spain  =   Pains
Sri Lanka  =   Rank sail
Sudan  =   And us
Suriname  =   I’m a nurse
Swaziland  =   Liza dawns
Sweden  =   News ed
Switzerland  =   Lizard newts
Syria  =   Ya sir
Thailand  =   A thin lad
Tonga  =   Tango
Trinidad and Tobago  =   A good radiant bandit
Tunisia  =   In a suit
Turkey  =   Key rut
Turkmenistan  =   Mistaken turn
Ukraine  =   Nuke air
United Arab Emirates –   1. But I’m in a desert area, 2. Inebriated amateurs
United Kingdom  =   Kind mug on diet
United States  =   I eat students
United States of America  =   1. Fears education at times, 2. Atomic tests are fun idea, 3. Constitutes a media fear
Vatican City  =   Act in cavity
Venezuela  =   Laze venue
Vietnam  =   Van time
Wales  =   Weals
Yemen  =   Enemy
Zaire  =   I raze
Mother’s Day =      Hey stardom
Mother’s Day cards =      Day’s charm stored
Mothering Sunday =      Astounding rhymes
Mother’s Day gifts  =      Gems of tidy trash
Mother’s Day flowers  =      Adores my self-worth
Halleys Comet =      Shall yet come
Fir cones  =      Conifers
Natalie Portman  =      I am a porn talent
Antonio Banderas  =      No brains on a date
Pamela Anderson  =      Melons and a pear
Robin Thicke  =      Itchier knob
Leonardo DiCaprio  =      Ocean idol or a drip?
Kanye West  =      Sweet Yank
Kate Winslet  =      New tits leak
A confessional =     On a scale of sin
Princess Diana =     End is a car spin
Dies in car snap
Microwave =     Warm voice
Laxative =     Exit lava
T.S. Eliot =     Toilets
Justin Timberlake =     I’m a jerk but listen
Christmas  =      Trims cash
Sherlock Holmes =     He’ll mesh crooks
Garbage Man =     Bag Manager
Television programming =     Permeating living rooms
Thomas Jefferson =      O, short name’s Jeff
Tom Cruise =     So I’m Cuter
The cockroach =     Cook, catch her
Evangelist =  Evil’s agent
Polo mints =  Not so limp
After Eights =  Great fetish
Bounty bar =  A burnt boy
Celebrations =  Obscene trial
Fruit Pastilles =  Silliest fart up
Cadburys Dairy Milk =  Rabidly murky acids
The infections and diseases =  I sense aches, find antidotes
Cough mixture =  Huge toxic rum
Tickly cough = Lucky, go itch
We have seasonal flu  =  Alas! Woeful heavens
Disease prevention  =  Severe diet, no pains
Weather forecast = 1.Hectares of water 2. A force wets Earth
Severe weather warning = Whenever a winter rages
The Great British weather =  Harsh, bitter, wet heritage
Stormy weather =  May throw trees
Back to a school today  = Do attack a schoolboy
New Year’s Eve party =  A very, nasty weeper
Champagne at midnight = The magic, damning path
Happy New Year = Hype-weary? Nap!
Singing Auld Lang Syne = Snail gags unendingly
New Year’s resolution =  Erroneously sane wit
Father Christmas = The rich Mr Fat Ass
Seasons Greetings =  Tense aggressions
Mince pies =  Spice in ’em
Merry Christmas =  My charmer stirs
Christmas cake =  Thick massacre
The twelve days of Christmas = Wretches flash steady vomit
The Sunday Telegraph =  Death penalty gusher
Daily Telegraph = Really hated pig
The Financial Times = Lichtenstein Mafia
The Sunday Times = The day’s minutes
The Guardian = A hit nude rag
The Mail on Sunday =  Sly inhumane toad
The Sun = Nuts eh
The Daily Mirror = Hide Mr Tory liar
The Daily Star =  Real shitty ad
The Battle of Hastings = Alas, not the best fight
William the Conqueror =  Come quarrel with lion
Edward the Confessor =  France’s oddest whore
Shield wall  = Wild as hell
Serfdom = Deforms
Arsenal Football Club = Bores all but local fan
England Footballer Wayne Rooney = We all rely on one fat boy, no danger
David Moyes at Manchester United = A destructive, handsome dynamite
Women’s Football = Fat loon wombles
Match Of The Day  = They of mad chat
New York Times =  Monkeys write
Barbie doll  = Babe i’d roll
A domesticated animal  =  Docile, as a man tamed it
Mummy  =  My mum
Waitress  =  A stew, Sir?
Wars of the Roses  = The safe sorrows
Listen  = Silent
Elvis   = Lives
The countryside  = No city dust here
Debit card  =  Bad credit
Animosity  =  Is no amity
A gentleman  = Elegant man
The detectives   =  Detect thieves
Election results   = Lies, let’s recount
Snooze alarms   =  Alas no more zs
Coins kept  =  In Pockets
Dormitory  = Dirty Room
Dame Agatha Christie   = 1.  A stage hit had a crime 2.   I am a right death case
Irritable Bowel Syndrome   =  O my terrible drains below
Mel Gibson   =   Big melons
Benson and Hedges   = NHS been a godsend
Home and Away   =  Aha..yawn mode
Coronation Street   =  So rotten creation
Emmerdale   =  Lame. Merde
Eastenders   =  Needs a rest
Florence Nightingale   =  Reflecting on healing
Tony Blair, MP   =  I’m Tory plan B
Astronomers   =   1. Moon starers 2. No more stars
A telescope   = To see place
Ronald Reagan   =  A darn long era
The earthquakes   = That queer shake
Funeral   = Real Fun
Father-in-law   = Near halfwit
Mother-in-law   = Woman Hitler
A telephone girl   = Repeating Hello
Slot Machines   = Cash Lost in ’em
Manchester United   = Munich ate ten reds
William Shakespeare   =  A weakish speller
Lost in Space   =  So, let’s panic!
Semolina   = Is no meal!
Mary Queen of Scots   =  O, fear my conquests
Lee Harvey Oswald   = Revealed, who slay
Ernest Shackleton   = Trek on seal stench
Catherine of Aragon   =  1. A nag to force an heir  2. I fear a throne can go
Titanic   =   ct in it
Michael Collins   =  Him in close call
Alex Hurricane Higgins   =  Rushing, relaxing, I ache
Shamrock   =  OK charms
Eleven plus two   =  Twelve plus one
Tiananmen Square   = Mean Quarantines
Statue of Liberty   =  Built to stay free
Gerry Adams   =  Army’s rages
Learn times tables   = Miserable talents
Punishment   = Nine thumps
Adolf Hitler   =   1. Rill of death  2. Hated for ill
A Decimal Point   =  I’m a Dot in Place
St Pauls Cathedral   =  Has sculpted altar
George Best   =  Go get beers
Queen Elizabeth the second   =  I squeeze the noble hand, etc
Madam Curie   =  Radium came
Clint Eastwood   =  Old West Action
Schoolmaster   =   1. The classroom 2. Scholars to me
Postmaster   =  1. Stamp Store   2. Smart poets
Houses of Parliament   =  1. Loonies far up Thames 2. House for pet animals
Conversation   = Voices rant on
Butterfly   =  Flutter by
Desperation   =  A rope ends it
The Morse Code   =  Here Come Dots
The ears   = Hear set
The eyes   =  They see
I run to escape   =  A persecution
The Meaning of Life   =  The fine game of nil
Presbyterian   =  Best in prayer